How to get shelter

Why ARK?

Your own ark, subtle hidden in the landscape because of its mobile foundations, can be placed everywhere you can imagine. By collecting rainwater and using wind power for electricity production ARK becomes a self-supporting house. This ecological shelter is sustainable and totally independent with respect for surrounding nature, and that is what makes our ARK so unique. Escape the city life and choose for luxurious camping. Go ARK.

what is included :
Ark shelter is finished product everything you can see is included plus case-by-case independent water and electric systems. The moment we place your shelter you can settle in.

For more info and price estimations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What do you need to do ?

1., Take in our design.

2., Contact us

3., find your location

4., 50 % of price is paid when ordering shelter

5., we deliver and install shelter

6., 50 % is paid a day of installation

We look forward to our cooperation.
Thank you.