1. What’s the price?

As every product is different and customized we do not have a price list of every single possible type and set-up. We’ve created some indication prices which you will find …. (here)?

2. Where do you deliver?

In the European countries.

3. Which type of foundation is needed?

Prefab concrete blocks or screw foundations which are installed a week before installation.

4. How is it installed?

The Shelter arrives on the back of a truck and we pick it up with a crane.

5. How is it built?

The structure of the Shelter is a wooden skeleton.

6. What are the measurements?

In the width we can make 3m, 3,5m and 4m and in the length till 14m. Adding different modules next or on top of each other gives you the possibility to create bigger spaces.

7. Can the Shelter be self-sufficient?

Yes, by using solar panels, batteries and rain recuperation tanks. We only provide the technical needed space.

8. Where can we visit a Shelter?

In Belgium and Slovakia.

9. What is the delivery time from agreement?

Three months, depending on our production at the time of order.

10. Can the Shelter be installed anywhere?

The road towards the destination should be accessible by truck and crane and the crane cannot have any obstacles in his turning circle.

11. Where is the Shelter built?

The Shelters are built in Slovakia and from there they are transported to their destination.

12. Are there any on-site preparations when the Shelter arrives?

If there is a terrace and/or fire place than those are the two things that need to be installed, all the rest (windows, lights, bathroom,…) is already installed.

13. How can we connect electricity and water?

Electricity can be connected with a simple plug-in cable, we adjust the electricity voltage to the voltage you have. Water can be connected with the existing sewerage. When there is none; then a sceptic tank can be used.

14. Do you work with sustainable wood?

Yes all the wood has FSC labels.

15. What type of heating is used?

Infrared panels and/or fire place. When we have bigger surfaces to cover we work with other systems.